They sat you through the sex talk, now it’s your turn to sit them through The Cancer Talk. It’s time to make sure generic dostinex your parents are being safe about cancer.

Remember when your parents sat you down and gave you the facts of life? The birds and the bees and… I dunno, something about sex, it was too awkward to really concentrate. Since we’re asking all of you to sit your parents through The Cancer Talk, we thought it would be fun to revisit some of those awesomely awkward pre-teen conversations, so we asked our friends to tell us what it was like when their parents gave them the sex talk. Sit back and enjoy, their sex talk stories might just make yours look like a walk in the park!

Why Have the Cancer Talk?

Welcome to your fully loaded info package, designed to educate & enlighten you so that you can prepare yourself to have the potentially life-saving conversation about early detection.

Find The Time

Have Fran Drescher, Michael Winslow, or Deepak Chopra generic penisole call your loved one and sustiva for sale set up generic viagra capsules your talk.

Have The Talk

Print out this cheat generic cialis brand sheet of questions to help make sure you hit all the important points.

Share Your Story

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